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HR department statement

“Our point of view: our skills are based on those of our employees!”

The Groupe ACROPOLE relies on the skills of 130 employees and a precise organization charts which allows segmenting the different processes. This segmentation is not fixed because all our departments work in real and constant collaboration to ensure the best satisfaction of both our clients and patients!
The jobs within the Groupe ACROPOLE are varied. Indeed, manufacturing a prosthesis requires a set of processes that involves both technical and administrative steps. Therefore, we have job offers for operator, quality manager, account manager, etc.
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The Groupe ACROPOLE is young but the companies within it exist for years and are recognized in the medical devices world. They have always wanted to emphasize the family spirit and strive to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere so that the involvement of all is done in the best conditions.

Job offers

Stages et
candidatures spontanées

Dans le cadre d’un stage ou d’une candidature spontanée, merci d’adresser vos CV et Lettre de Motivation à Laurie THEVENON, responsable des ressources humaines par mail :
ou par courrier :
Laurie Thevenon
19 rue Victor Grignard
42 000 Saint-Etienne