Headquarters of ASTON & SEM – Groupe ACROPOLE


19 rue Victor Grignard – ZI Montreynaud – 42000 SAINT-ETIENNE

 3 production sites


Production site and ASTON MEDICAL and Groupe ACROPOLE headquarters
19 rue Victor Grignard – ZI Montreynaud – 42000 SAINT-ETIENNE


Production site and SCIENCE ET MEDECINE headquarters
Rue des Refuzniks – ZA des Coteaux du Sud – 94000 CRETEIL


Production site
580 Rue Adam Grunewald – 62136 LESTEM

International: a reality, an ambition

The Group sells on the French market (90% of the turnover) but has already opened international markets.

As part of its strategic thinking, the Group intends to conquer export market shares.
By leveraging our international development, we will achieve our revenue growth objectives.”
The target: the United States where two ranges –hip and shoulder- are FDA approved!
The ASTON Inc. subsidiary, based in Chicago, IL, is in first line for this power increase across the Atlantic. Our two product ranges are a guarantee of quality for the Group, of trust for other export agreements and for our current and future investors.

Implantations Placeholder
ASTON & SEM – Groupe ACROPOLE Subsidiaries: Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
ASTON & SEM – Groupe ACROPOLE Distributors: Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Gabon, Italy, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mali, Spain, Syria, Tunisia